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Article from the Sun daily by Yeo Chia Hui (posted on 16 April 2015)

WOULD it have occurred to anyone that a child's mischievousness would pave the way for his future career path? The child in question certainly did not envision himself plying his trade in the entertainment industry when he began to hone his acting skills.

Actor Fabian Loo initially picked up acting because he wanted to skip classes. His cheekiness coupled with how he and his brother used to play-act their favourite superheroes from RoboCop and Batman laid the foundation for his career.

"I was studying in a Chinese school and the teachers were rather strict. Whenever anyone asked for permission to go to the toilet, they would eye us suspiciously to ascertain if we really needed the bathroom or we were just giving excuses to skip classes. Therefore, I started thinking that if my acting is really good then I can fool them ," the 25-year-old psychology graduate recalled fondly.

The 2011 Spotlite Teen Idol Search champion has only been in the industry for a year, but he has acted in several local dramas such as Teen Age, Love Compulsory 4, and the upcoming drama Persona. Besides acting and modelling, he was also featured in BRAND's® 2015 Chinese New Year (CNY) commercial and Media Prima's CNY album Very Goat.

Would you say that acting is difficult?

Acting is definitely more than just reading a script. To me, I see it as an art. Compared to commercials where you just have to express certain emotions such as happy or sad, acting is different because you have a role to play. As an actor, I have to respect the scriptwriter because he or she has something to convey when they wrote it so I try my best to deliver what is needed of me. Thus, prep work is the most challenging because your onscreen character may be so different from yourself in terms of attitude and thoughts.

What is the average production time for a television drama?

Normally it will take about three months to complete. Meanwhile, day-to-day shooting can easily be up to 12 hours a day or sometimes it can even exceed 14 hours. My longest one would be 20 hours non-stop. Towards the end, I was zoning out due to sheer exhaustion. Not only is an actor's working hours long, it is physically and mentally demanding. Physical because besides having to move around a lot, you may have to run under the hot sun and such. So, it's like sports but at the same time you also need to play your part perfectly.

You have a blog with the name 'Finger thoughts'. Where did the name come from?

At first I wanted it to be 'My life in arts' but I thought it was kind of cliché, so I came up with this. Since everything on the blog is typed out, it's like you think with your fingers hence the name.

So, you're a person who likes to write?

I enjoy writing because writing calms me down a lot and it helps me to go into zen mode. To be honest, before I started blogging I was writing a diary. It was about me being in character so it was something like writing a diary for the character that I was portraying.

If you can work with any Hollywood director, who would it be?

It'll definitely be Christopher Nolan. I'm a fan of his and I have watched all of his films. The realism that he managed to evoke in his works is just amazing. When you're watching his films, it feels as if you're standing right beside the characters and experiencing what they are experiencing. In other films you know that it is fictional but Nolan's films just draw you in.

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