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Francesca Chia


The great go-getter

Article from the Sun daily by Peony Chin (posted on 14 Nov 2015)

THE security of having a fixed job can be comfortable, and not many can break out of it to kick off their own start-up. Francesca Chia was one of them, but three serendipitous occasions helped power her resolution to leave her cushy management consultancy job and coestablish, an increasingly popular online platform that outsources small errands.

It started with a six-month break, granted by her understanding bosses at Boston Consulting Group, to focus on a trial for, and this period gave very promising results that spurred her to run full-time.

Chia’s first serendipitous opportunity came when she was interviewing random people at a mall for’s promo video.

“I approached this girl in a café – I didn’t notice anything different about her, but she turned out to be from (global start-up community) Startup Grind,” said Chia. A chance meeting led to dinner with several investors and start-up founders – people who became her mentors for

The second occasion was when Chia approached Coffea Coffee to collaborate for’s first promotion. A single quote: “Because the best things in life are free.” that Chia mentioned resonated with the person she contacted, and that led to her first promotion which contributed the first 100 registrations with

One last event that reinforced her decision had something to do with her pet dog. “It was a hot day, so I wanted to get ice cream at Inside Scoop and I decided to bring my dog out, which is something I don’t usually do,” Chia said. Thanks to her pet, Chia got to talk and discuss about a promotion with with the owner of Inside Scoop, which the latter readily agreed to come on board.

“I haven’t brought my dog out since that chance encounter!” she laughed.

What is all about? is a marketplace for busy people and businesses that don’t have enough time to get things done, so they outsource it to entrusted people we call GoGetters. These GoGetters can be your personal shopper, on-demand courier, and are very flexible to use. Services can range from helping to pack products, to kitchen prep, and sending out flyers.

How did you transform from an idea to something workable?

What I did was I broke it down to very small pieces. The big question was, “how do I start a community to outsource errands and deliveries?” That itself would be extremely hard to do. Hence, I started with a pilot project. I started out in Jalan Telawi in Bangsar, doing only office-based jobs with 15 verified GoGetters and Bangsar-based merchants. When it’s smaller, it’s so much easier to achieve and less daunting. From there, I saw results and decided to go bigger. I would suggest the best way to start doing something is to make it small and easy, then work your way to bigger things.

What is the most memorable job request you’ve ever received?

During International Women’s Day, a boss of this particular office wanted to show appreciation to the female staff members in his team but he couldn’t personally be there, so he asked a GoGetter to buy flowers for each of them and deliver them with a message and a joke. It was a very sweet gesture.

Prized collection: Animal mugs
Craziest thing done for charity: Danced for 30 hours straight
Most pets owned at a time: 11.
Little known fact: Born two months premature
Coolest holiday memory: Standing at one place to see the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans merging.

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