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Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four

Article from the Sun daily by Yeevon Ong (posted on 25th Aug 2015)

CRINKLE Cut is a band of fun. Essentially founded by Melissa Wong, Grace Foo and Frances Thomas, the all-woman band now also comprises Ashley Choong as well as Vicky Chin, a new addition to the group to replace Grace who is currently working as a session musician on board a cruise ship for seven months.

All music majors in their early twenties, the girls of Crinkle Cut are not only band mates but a group of friends with common interests. Melissa and Grace began singing duets about four years ago when Frances and Ashley were roped in for bigger plans. It was then they started to compose and write originals namely Slow Dance, Pretty Boy, Years Await (band's favourite), and Fool's Paradise which are all featured on their YouTube channel.

Although there is no particular hierarchy in the group, Melissa acts as the band's PR personnel, accepting and arranging gigs as well as planning practices.

Inspired and driven by their passion and knowledge in music, the girls have since performed in various places across Malaysia including Fête de la Musique, Penang's IndiePG, TimeOut KL's Poolside Fiesta, MoonShine: A Homemade Music Show and The AHM Records series. The band's latest and most pivotal collaboration was with renowned local producer Aubrey Suwito where the spunky girls recorded a song for his Christmas album.

How has the band evolved?

Melissa: It started off with covers. When Ashley joined us it started changing and we were doing stuff like Jayesslee.
Frances: The band started off as just a working band and then we started to explore harmonies and singing together. When Ashley came in we started to use the cajon and our music started sounding fuller.
Ashley: That was also when we got this idea of going electro-acoustic. The band sounded fuller because the keyboard was playing the bass lines, the cajon – although not a full drum but you can hear the beats, while the vocalist and guitarist would use pedals.

Why the name?

Frances: We officially started as Crinkle Cut when we were doing this wedding expo gig. It was just the three of us – Melissa, Grace and I – then and we were having lunch after the gig and feeling quite certain about the band. We were eating at Ninja Joe's and while we were thinking of a name we were staring at the fries…
Melissa: Actually we were eating criss-cross fries.
Frances: Yeah I think we tersilap and thought they were crinkle cut fries at that time but we were okay with it so that's how we got our band name.

Have you always wanted to be in a band?

Frances: Crinkle Cut is more like a dream that we never expected actually. It just came. We never expected that it could go this far.
Ashley: I think we all love performing
hence we came together.
Melissa: I think people really like our harmonies and it surprises them that we are an all-girl band.

How do you feel about comments on being an all-girl band?

Melissa: It depends on how we look at it. Some of the people (who commented) were actually nice and friendly.
Frances: Sometimes they say it as though we are girls and that's why we sound so good.
Melissa: But maybe we aren't that good but because we are an-all girl band, it's as though our image supersedes our musicality.
Ashley: We don't want them to think that way because we want them to be fair.
Melissa: Yes but at the end of the day we don't think much of it because we do what we want. It would be nice to be recognised for our music more than our image as an all-girl group.

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