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Raveen Dev


Aspiring director Raveen Dev is thinking and

creating out of the box

Article from the Sun daily by Bissme S.(posted on 13th Aug 2015)

JOHOR-BORN Raveen Dev, 30, is on cloud nine. His latest short film Ripped was shown at two international film festivals: Los Angeles CineFest in May and Calgary Horror Con in June. The 12-minute short film centres on a man, who upon joining a late-night neighbourhood gym, discovers that the other gym members are not regular Joes.

Tell us about your passion for film-making.

I've loved movies and photography since young but making films isn't really a stable career so I took a diploma in creative multimedia and became an IT analyst. On weekends when I'm not working, I make short films.

What encouraged you to pursue film-making more seriously?

It happened in 2012 when a friend asked me to make a video for their wedding reception. I decided to do something different so I had the emcee tell the guests that the couple had been kidnapped. Then a video was aired where the groom saved himself and his bride from gangsters. We did a parody of 10 well-known Hollywood films such as Batman and The Godfather. The guests enjoyed the 20-minute video very much and that fuelled my interest to make more films.

What are the short films you have directed?

Right after the wedding reception video, I made my first short film titled Tenant. This three-minute short film centres on an eager house agent who convinces a potential tenant that he has the best deal in town but things are not what it appears to be. It emerged as one of the top 10 finalists at the Yahoo-MAS Cili Padi Awards.

Next, I made a seven-minute short film called Checkmate where two old friends discuss a recent robbery over a chess game of life and death, and Dorm where a freshman meets his roommate, a senior who tries to rag him into believing their dorm is haunted. Ripped is my fourth and latest film.

Are you working on a new project?

I'm currently writing a script for my next film, which is a little different from some of my previous thriller flicks. I daresay that this is a film that will appeal to a wider audience.

What is the biggest challenge of being a film-maker?

I believe the biggest challenge of being a film-maker is funding. There aren't many avenues locally for us to get funding and many of them come with certain constraints on the type of film you will be able to produce. The good part however is that there are more crowd-sourcing websites cropping about these days and hopefully if you can pitch a right story and get the confidence of your target audience you might just get the right budget to bring your film to life.

Who funds your short films?

Most of my films are funded by me and my team. Since our budget is relatively smaller for a short film, it's not uncommon for us to collaborate with people who share the same passion.

What do you hope to achieve as a film-maker?

I want to make a feature film in the future. I am gaining experiences from making these short films. In the past, you'd have to buy expensive film books to learn the art of film-making. These days, there is a lot of free tutorials on film-making online. I believe you are never too old to pursue your dreams and make them a reality. I love making mystery and adding surprise twists in my films.

Name something you'd like to work on.

I love exploring and trying new things. I believe that life is an ongoing process of making mistakes and learning to become a better person. I love my ability to think out of the box and beyond what may be accepted as the social norm. I hope to be more confident of my work.

If he could change the world:
People are given opportunities based on talents instead of the amount of certificates they have.

If he could live elsewhere:
The United States of America.

A desired talent:
To play the guitar.

All-time favourite film-maker:
Alfred Hitchcock.

Favourite local film-maker:
Yasmin Ahmad.


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