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Brynn Lovett


Beauty with a heart

Article from the Sun daily by Jessica Chua (posted on 18th Nov 2015)


DESPITE completing her foundation in communication, Brynn Lovett had to sacrifice her tertiary education due to financial difficulties, to allow her twin sister Tracey to finish her diploma. Lovett, who hails from a singleparent household, recalled that "really tough" season.

"I was left with nothing to work with. It was very hard to get jobs, so I did what I could which was dancing. My father also trained my sister and I to swim, so I was able to teach at an academy in Bukit Jalil," shared the 22 year-old Sabahan.

Hence, Aug 29 is a day that she will never forget. With her new-found title as Miss Malaysia World 2015, Lovett has been devoting herself to the upcoming Miss World 2015 stage, and her Beauty With A Purpose project for the competition, Dance for Hope.

A tribute to her father who succumbed to cancer when she was 15, Dance for Hope is a charity competition that raises treatment funds for child cancer patients, in collaboration with the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA). "I'm going to teach and train a group of orphans for the dance competition. Dancing was one of the things that helped me cope with my father's passing. So I hope dancing can help them too," said Lovett.

"Even if I don't win the crown, I hope to continue my Beauty with a Purpose project here," she added.

Lovett is representing Malaysia at the Miss World 2015 final in Sanya, China on Dec 19.

What inspired you to join the Miss Malaysia World 2015 pageant?
Firstly, I would like to thank the organiser of Miss Malaysia World, Datuk Anna Lim for this opportunity. When I was young I used to watch beauty pageants with my dad and sister, and we would always guess the winner. My sister participated last year and told me how this is a great opportunity to gain more exposure. She also introduced me to her friends and connections, which inspired me to join this year.

How was the pageant experience?
We only had one week in the pageant – one week to train for public speaking, get to know the girls, and build your fitness, but it was a great experience. In such a short time, I got to make new friends which I love. Now many of them are helping me prepare for the Miss World competition.

What is your strategy in preparing for the Miss World final?
The general misconception is that all you need to do is look beautiful and that you will have a professional team to groom you for the pageant. But for Miss World, you're on your own. I'm aiming for the crown, and not just winning each segment like most girls are doing. So my strategy is to manage my time really well in the remaining weeks, and prepare myself physically and mentally.

What do you hope to achieve during your current reign as Miss Malaysia World?
I hope to change the perspective that you must be perfect all the time. I want people to know that you don't have to be perfect – you just have to be yourself, think positive and be happy. When you do that, the perfection will shine.

Where do you see yourself after the pageant?
I want to be a role model to kids, not just as Miss Malaysia World but as a representative of the people, and to do charity work around the world.

How would you encourage the young generation today?
Always chase your goals even when people say you can't do it or you've lost the battle. Do not believe what they say. Believe in yourself. Who knows? A miracle can happen at the very last minute.

Ethnicity: Murut and Australian
Subsidiary titles: Miss Fitness, Miss Talent and Miss Wacoal
Dance crews: La Bella Trio, Panic Crew, Chic Deluxe
Idols: Voices of the United Nations, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson
Phobia: Public speaking


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