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Annie Mosha

Persevering in showbusiness

Actress Annie Mosha talks about how new artistes need to be smart in the

Article from the Sun daily by Azizul Rahman Ismail (posted on 11 Aug 2020)

WITH only two years of experience under her belt as an actress, Annie Mosha has already nabbed four roles over her fledgeling career. But her ambitions go beyond the small screen.

Despite her humble beginnings and the challenges faced by the entertainment industry, Annie still has high hopes. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t also have a backup plan.

What were your first steps into the entertainment industry?

“I began in 2018. So it was just two years ago when I entered the Kuala Lumpur Drama Festival. It was a programme to search for new talents. From there I began to attend auditions, and there were a few. It was then that I got the offer for the role of Abby in Leftenan Zana. It was my first role.

“Leftenan Zana is the story of Zana, who wants to join the army, just like her father. However, she faces many challenges, including from her father, who forbids her from pursuing her dreams. Abby, my character, is one of Zana’s friends.”

Why did you choose to join the entertainment industry?

“It was something that I wanted to do, a dream of mine since I was little. My ambition was to not only be an actress, but also a Malaysian entertainer. Because of that, I left the business that I owned, and moved to Kuala Lumpur to find my place in the entertainment industry.”

Do you look at the entertainment industry as a long term career?

“I looked at the entertainment industry as a passion, something that I wanted to do. But, I don’t deny that other careers are open to me, such as business, that are perhaps more secure in my future.

“I also have an ambition to start a new business, in addition to being an artiste. That said, I will continue to pursue my dream in the entertainment industry as long as I can, as long as there is a demand, and as long as it is suitable for me, as it is my passion.”

We see that a lot of Malaysian entertainers look at the industry not as a career, but as a stepping stone into the world of business. What do you think?

“I think it is a smart move. In today’s environment, we need to be smart and seize every opportunity that we can get. The fame and popularity that we get from being in the entertainment industry is an advantage. An advantage that is beneficial in promoting our trade and business.

“That said, as a celebrity, we have the responsibility to be smart and honest when doing business. The public, especially those who are online, are smarter and use digital platforms to give their unfettered opinions directly and publicly.”

How do you choose the roles that you are going to play?

“Well, as someone who is very new to the industry, I don’t choose the roles that I want, directly. To me, I see every role that I am offered as a challenge. Something that I have to do my best with.

“Actually, I would really love to take on a comedic or a villainous role, and I hope I get to do so in the future.”

If you could meet yourself from two years ago when you first started, what would you say to her?

“Seeing myself as someone that is still new to the entertainment industry, I will remind myself to be humble and to be smart with how I present myself. The entertainment industry is full of


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