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Resya Rahman

The indie girl

Article from the Sun daily by Tiviya Lakshmanan (posted on 21 Nov 2019)

RESYA Rahman started singing as a childhood hobby but now she wants to make it her career.

The 24-year-old, a recent graduate in shipping management from the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, has a raspy, hypnotic voice that belies her cute and bubbly outward appearance.

The Kota Damansara native also founded a band called Margosa. This indie rock band initially had five members but due to individual commitments, two of them left. The current lineup consists of Resya, bassist Hisyam Hamzah (a.k.a. Pjay) and guitarist/vocalist Raja Nazrin Shah.

The band’s first single Kota Cinta was featured in Astro Ria’s Mega Drama series Sweetdream, which got people talking about them on social media. This got them invited on several TV and radio shows.

Margosa’s other major hit is the English language song Safe Haven and Jane Doll. Two new songs – Tak Semestinya Indah and Parut Lama, Luka Baru from its upcoming album were also featured in the drama Demi Rindumu.

Other than being the band’s lead singer, Resya is also a guitar and ukulele player.

Margosa is currently doing a series of gigs and battle of the bands competitions (such as Rock Out Battle of the Bands 2019) but Resya took some time off her busy schedule to share her experiences in showbiz to date.

So how did it all start?

“It all started when I was in my secondary school and after graduating high school, I started attending music events and meetups with all these musicians and ended up creating a band myself.

“Before Margosa was created, the members were part of other music bands. We decided to come together and create our own band. The whole thing happened in the course of one night when we decided to play some music together.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

“For me, the biggest challenge we faced was getting exposure. There are tons of music bands especially indie rock bands out there. So, it is really a challenge to penetrate the mass market.”

Which would be your biggest achievement?

“The biggest achievement so far is having our song featured on Sweetdreams. It was an overwhelming feeling and and it’s nice to see that our song being accepted and to get so much feedback from the market itself.

“We did not use to get good reviews from music critics but things completely changed.

“To prove them wrong feels amazing as well.”

How did your parents react to you joining a band?

“My parents are the most supportive people. They supported my dreams since I was a kid. My mum bought me my very first guitar. My father would drive me around and help me to go to auditions or jam sessions.”

What is the most embarrassing comment you have received from the fans?

“I have always been told that I sounded like a man. When we released our first single Kota Cinta, there were comments addressed to me saying that the band should find a vocalist who doesn’t sound like a man. However, I don’t take it seriously.

“I am actually not surprised with it because even at home, my father mistakes my voice for my brother’s.”

How would you describe yourself?

“I am a very talkative person and very bubbly. I like to mingle with people and I am a very positive person who believes everything has two sides.”

Is there any upcoming plans?

“We are in the midst of writing new songs and hopefully our debut album will be released by the end of this year.”

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