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Article from the Sun daily by Yeevon Ong (posted on 20 October 2016)

NICHOLAS SEE and Janell Tan are fondly known as the CrossFit Couple among their peers and just as the nickname suggests, both See and Tan are avid CrossFit trainers. They train together six days a week – seven if the gym would open on Sundays.

Their brainchild, The Kettlebowl was a natural progression of their zeal and enthusiasm in everything fitness. But what was initially meant to be a fitness platform became better known for its brand of healthy, home-made granola today.

See and Tan make and pack The Kettlebowl’s breakfast granola at home over the weekend, and ship them out throughout the week. On average, the couple receives about 100 orders a week! While See is still tied to a day job helping out in his family business, Tan has quit her marketing career to focus on The Kettlebowl, so no more sneaking out during lunchtime to buy ingredients and make deliveries.

However, the granola business isn’t all of it for the youngsters. The 26-year olds continue to uphold the initial objective of The Kettlebowl by inspiring and encouraging a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle via the blog posts and workout videos they post on their website and Instagram account.

How do you keep each other motivated?

See: We train together, keep each other in check and make sure that we are focused on our goals to reach that level to perform in competitions. It does get competitive sometimes but I remind myself that we’re training together and it’s to help each other become better.

Tan: We love to eat so we work out to eat. We motivate each other with food. We encourage cheat days (grins).

How are working and working out together all the time working out for the both of you?

Tan: It makes me feel a lot more complete. Whatever I’m doing, whether it’s business or training, I’m doing it for the two of us. It has a positive effect on me; it definitely drives me to achieve more, to be more disciplined and dedicated in what I do.

See: So far, so good. The past couple of months have tested our relationship, how we were under pressure but we we would always talk things out and make sure both parties are at peace.

At the end of the day, we want to grow together as a couple. It’s great that we like the same food and movies, and doing the same things. It doesn’t hinder our individual growth. We’re lucky to have found one another.

Tan: We are like the same person – it’s quite creepy (laughs).

So how true is the statement, ‘couples who sweat together, stay together’?

(Both in unison): Very true.

Tan: I think working out together brought us closer.

See: I think if we didn’t work out together we wouldn’t be as strong.


Cheat day indulgence
Tan: Ice cream, pizza, burgers. “The worst you can think of, basically.”

Gym pet peeves
See: People who don’t put the weights back.
Tan: People who take her weights without asking, or talk to her in the middle of her sets.

Hidden talents
Tan: Sketching and drawing. “I actually used to write song lyrics.”
See: Dancing. “She thinks I’m good dancer.”


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