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Article from the Sun daily by Pam Kaur (posted on 23 Feb 2016)

THE formative years of Wanted Symphony were most definitely rocky, even if it's impossible to guess with the strong bond shared between its members Daniel Wong, Andrew Mok and Aaron Jiam.

But with a shared passion for good music, Wong, Mok and Jiam overcame the obstacles with plenty of communication and familiarising with each other's tastes in music, to get their band up and running.

This year, the alternative rock outfit is embracing their sixth anniversary, and not only does the trio make music together; they have become the best of buddies searching for the same goals in music.

Lead vocalist Wong, 26, guitarist Mok, 23, and drummer Jiam, 25 have full-time jobs and play as Wanted Symphony after work and during the weekends.

But juggling between two vocations did not stop them from winning several awards including at the 2012 VIMA Music Awards, and performing at Urbanscapes and the Shout! Awards.

How did the name 'Wanted Symphony' come about?

We were randomly sharing words and names that resembled us. After awhile, the word 'symphony' was mentioned and it felt right so we decided to keep it. 'Wanted' on the other hand, was decided after weeks of deliberation because we wanted to make people who listen to our music feel like they want more.

What are some of the things that inspire your compositions?

Things that happen in our lives inspire us; usually drawn from relationships and our perspective on things. Funnily, some of our music was composed based on a chord that was struck on the guitar at 4am which felt so right.

Could you share your passions as a band, other than music?

Being Malaysians, who are juggling two different roles in our full-time jobs and the band, we often gather to participate in our favourite activity: eating. We are passionate about food because we seem to bond better around a meal.

How does Wanted Symphony stand out from so many other bands out there?

We choose to believe that we're different from how we try to present ourselves. We try to engage with our audience and fans through a monthly series that we hold, known as Soundstruck: LIVE. This is our initiative to give back to the people who have given us so much through their endless support. At Soundstruck: LIVE, we create a platform for young, passionate and potential musicians like us to unleash their talents. We've been running this for almost two years now.

Name us a key factor that makes your music unique.

We create music from our hearts. We take our music very seriously and each note we play has an expression of its own.

How do you guys juggle between the band and a full-time job?

It is not easy. We won't deny that it is a challenge,
and sometimes it does get to us. However, we are driven by passion. We do it because we love what we do. There are many sacrifices and compromises that we have been making on this journey but we've gotten used to it.

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