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Article from the Sun daily by Yeo Chia Hui (posted on 4 June 2015)

DESPITE having just finished an outdoor photoshoot for this interview, Chai Xinle was able to cheerfully answer all the questions posed to her as if she hasn’t just spent the last 30 minutes or so under the scorching sunlight. This model, host, and actress’ genial disposition continued throughout the interview and her jovial mood was infectious to those around.

Better known as Xinle, she first came into the public’s attention when she won the iFeel Girl Search 2011. Her beautiful features, optimistic nature and willing to learn attitude have gone a long way in making her who she is today – a beauty who can professionally pose for a picture, entertain a huge crowd, and can act convincingly in front of a camera.

A Jane of all trades, she disclosed that Japanese model, Lena Fujii, was the one who inspired her to make a bold move by joining the modelling industry. “She’s one of the top models for ViVi magazine and it was because of her that I always bought the magazine. I like her so much because she’s so photogenic,” Xinle gushed about her idol before admitting that her parents weren’t so fond of her decision at first.

“In the beginning they were strongly against my decision as I come from a small town and my family is very conservative. But I was very persistent in my decision and I showed them some magazines to let them see what modelling is about and slowly they came around.”

Between modelling, acting, and hosting, which one would you say is the most difficult?

It has to be hosting. To be honest, I’ve never thought that I’d ever venture into hosting. I was a volunteer in a charity group back in my hometown and during one of the events, my uncle asked me to be the host at the last minute. Without preparation and any script, I was forced to entertain the VVIPs and the crowd, and I told this to my manager who then persuaded me to try hosting. Why hosting is challenging is because it forces you think on your feet. Everything is happening so fast, therefore, you too have to go with the flow. At least in acting, you have the script and time to prepare but you’ve just got to be ready when it comes to hosting.

Do you think women who have long hair are more feminine compared to those with short hair?

Last time I was really against having short hair because I thought I was more feminine with long hair. I used to let my manager know about this dislike so I won’t have to have my hair cut short, but after I’ve gotten my current haircut I actually like it and I find myself more confident. Or maybe I’m just someone who can easily adapt to a new environment or change, but either way I like my current short hairstyle.

You said that you used to dislike short hair, so what made you change your mind and had it cut short in the first place?

I think that life is just too short and I don’t want to have any regrets, so I want to try and explore as many things as I can. To me, I also find this career very risky as you may not know what tomorrow will bring, hence, I want to discover new things as long as I’m still alive.

If you can be anyone in this world, who would you want to be?

This question is quite difficult for me to answer because I can’t think of anyone else that I would really want to be.

But if you’re given the chance, wouldn’t you want to be Lena Fujii?

I’ve always believed that everyone has their own destiny and their own goals in life. Do I want to be Lena Fujii? Even if I choose to be her, I believe I would still have to face the same challenges in life. If that’s the case why don’t I just be comfortable with myself?


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